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Did you know that by not having an estate plan in place at the time of their passing, about 2/3rds of Americans fail to ensure that their hard-earned assets will be distributed to their rightful loved ones? Did you know that those assets might be used for purposes completely contrary to the desires of the person who passed? Don't be among the 2/3 who waited until it was too late. Protect your loved ones. Protect your assets.

The way to secure such protection is through estate planning.

A typical basic estate plan consists of 4 key documents: a Will, a Living Trust, a Health Care Directive and a Financial Power of Attorney. And by the way, you DO NOT have to be wealthy to benefit from an estate plan. If you have a family or loved ones, if you own a home or if you have assets valued at over $100,000, you need an estate plan.

Eileen Walsh has been practicing law for over 25 years. Her career has been about advancing her clients' financial and asset goals. Browse her website to learn about the services she offers. Like some of Eileen's clients you can start with a simple Living Trust and add the other documents later. The good news is Eileen can work with you to meet your long-term goals within your current financial ability.

For your convenience, Eileen can schedule evening or weekend consultations, the first of which is always free of charge. Don't lose everything you've worked for when the solution is so simple and so cost-effective.

Contact Eileen at or call her on her cell at 310-738-3807 or at her office at 310-271-8945.

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